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Title IX

Title IX - Sex Based Nondiscrimination Statute

Each student and employee has a right to learn and work in an environment that is free from
unlawful discrimination. No District student or employee shall be excluded from participation
in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived
sex, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity or expression.

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is one of several federal and state anti-
discrimination laws that ensure equality in education. Title IX prohibits discrimination,
harassment, exclusion, denial, limitation or separation based on sex or gender. Title IX applies
to both male and female students in any educational institution receiving federal funding.

Pregnant students and teen parents have a right to equal education, full participation, and to
enroll in any school or program for which they would otherwise qualify at any stage of the
pregnancy.  They have the right to remain in their regular or current school program, including
elementary or secondary schools, honors and magnet programs, special education and non-
public school placements, alternative/options programs, migrant education, free and reduced
lunch programs and services for English Learners, and any others for which they are otherwise
qualified. This would also include participation in the following: graduation, awards,
ceremonies; field trips; student clubs, councils, after-school activities, and any other school-
related programs. Students cannot legally be expelled, suspended, or otherwise excluded
from, or required to participate in school programs solely on the basis of their pregnancy-
related conditions, or marital or parental status.

California Education Code Sections 200 through 282 and Lennox School District Board Policy
prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation or gender. Title IX requires that
every school district or institution have a Title IX/Bullying Complaint Manager to whom
concerns or complaints regarding sex discrimination can be made.

Complaint Process

Students or parents/guardians should report their verbal or written Title IX complaint to the
school administrator or Title IX/Bullying Complaint Manager within six months from the date
the alleged incident occurred or first obtained knowledge. Complainants have a right to a
timely and informal resolution at the school site.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the school-site or Local District decision, the complainant
may file a written Complaint Procedures (UCP) complaint directly with the Student
Support Services Office. This will begin the investigation process which must be completed
within 60 days.  An appeal of the Student Support Services Office's findings may be made to
the California Department of Education - Office of Equal Opportunity.

Where Can Students/Parents Obtain Further Information or Assistance?

School: Speak to the site administrator.
District: Speak to the District Title IX Title IX Coordinator:
Eddie Garcia
Director of Student Support Services
10319 Firmona Ave. Lennox, CA 90304
(310) 695-4033
Becki Blanco
Chief Instructional Officer
10319 Firmona Ave. Lennox, CA 90304
(310) 695-4036
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