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Workers Compensation

A school district, being a dynamic environment, sometimes experiences accidents to employees. Should you experience a work-related injury, please contact your supervisor immediately to fill out the appropriate forms. 


Employee's instructions in the event of a workplace injury:
Inform a Supervisor immediately, and call Company Nurse (see document below). If it is a life threatening Injury please call 911 immediately. 

Employee's instructions in the event of a workplace injury:


STEP #2: Company Nurse will assess the injury over the phone and refer the injured employee to the most appropriate level of care. 


● If the employee has pre-designated a personal physician, the employee will be referred to the Personnel Department for verification purposes. 

● Frontline medical providers: ProActive Work Health Services (310) 321-5500 & Concentra (310) 215-0783

 Pre-Designation Form - Workers' Compensation:
If you would like to be treated by your doctor in the event you have a workers' compensation claim, you and your doctor must complete and return the original signed form to the Personnel Department.  

  • Your doctor must sign this form, agreeing to treat you as a workers' compensation patient prior to you getting injured.  If you are injured at work without a pre-designated doctor on file, you will be treated by Frontline providers.