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Categorical Programs

How does an economically disadvantaged or English as a second language child get the opportunity to become everything he or she dreams to be? Through the persistence and assistance of the child, teachers, family and community utilizing the funding and tools provided through state and federal categorical programs.
The Office of Categorical Programs administers and coordinates the implementation of state and federal categorical programs.  These programs provide supplemental services for students from low-income families and students who are English learners.  Additionally, these programs provide for teacher and administrator training and professional development to assist our staff in achieving the high level teaching skills required to serve our community with the level of education that every child deserves.
The specific programs under the supervision of the Lennox Categorical Programs office are listed below:
  • AVID
  • District and Site English Learners Advisory Committee
  • District Led Parent Classes
  • Dual Language Programs
  • English Language Development Programs
  • Every Student Succeeds Act funding (Title I, II, III & IV)
  • GATE/High Achievers Academy
  • Intervention
  • Parent Education
  • SARC
  • School Site Councils
  • School Plans for Student Achievement
  • State and federal compliance / Federal Program Monitoring
  • Tutoring
Our English learner specialist, Christian Mendoza, and our department secretary, Susana Muratalla, assist me in the coordination and implementation of the above programs. If you have any questions about any of those programs, please contact our department at 310-695-4039 or kevin_kronfeld@lennoxk12.org
Kevin Kronfeld
Director of Categorical Programs
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