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The members of the Lennox School District Board of Trustees have an extremely important responsibility in serving the public. School Board Members must have the ability and knowledge to set policy and to approve budgets and programs that become the basis for operating the school district. School Board Members must also commit the time to attend board meetings, committee meetings, school programs, and workshops. These activities help Board Members stay informed on issues that affect students and residents in the school district. The Lennox School District is indeed fortunate to have actively involved Board Members who are willing to devote significant time and energy in fulfilling these responsibilities. Our Board firmly believes that the actions they take are making a difference in the lives of today's youth leading toward the promise of an even better tomorrow.
Vice President
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Julio C. Vargas Karina Cordero Angeles Gonzalez
Karen Rodriguez-Garcia
Dr. Angela Fajardo
Meet the Board
Lennox School District Board of Education