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School of Engineering

The jobs of the future will heavily rely on science, technology, engineering, and math. To meet the demanding need, The Lennox School District proudly provides our School of Engineering program which started in 2016. Although STEM and engineering programs are becoming more common in K-12 education, what distinguishes the the Lennox School of Engineering program from other districts is the direct instruction our students receive from from our full-time employed engineers that teach side by side with our classroom teachers. Learning from actual engineers provides our students with the advantage of real world experiences and specialized instruction that only highly skilled engineers are ale to provide. 


Currently Engineering is provided at all of our schools with four engineers that have been partnered with certificated teachers and trained on interdisciplinary project-based learning. Based on the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the International Society for Technology in Education, our team provides education for our students based on the eight steps of the engineering design process. Students work daily to design and test real-world solutions in our STEM labs with the use of advanced scientific concepts, machinery, materials, computers and software.