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GATE and High Achievers Program

All of our students in the Lennox School District are amazing and special. Our staff and community work hard every day to provide them with the skills and opportunities to become successful today, tomorrow, and through the end of the 21st century and beyond. To ensure that our gifted students receive extended opportunities that will provide them with challenges that go beyond our core programs, we have developed our Gifted and Talented Education program. The Lennox School District also recognizes that we need to provide extended opportunities to students that have not qualified as gifted based on our assessment, but have dedicated themselves to getting the most out of their education by achieving high grades in their classes. Every year, students have the opportunity to become high achievers based on their efforts and dedication. 
Being a part of the GATE and High Achievers program, our students receive opportunities above and beyond our core programs that include computer programming, robotics, visual art, music, STEM based field trips, and more. These opportunities are provided after school, during holidays, and during the summer.  Teachers are also informed of who their GATE students are so that they may provide differentiated instruction during the school day to optimize their learning opportunities.
The GATE and High Achievers programs start in 4th grade and continue through 8th grade. For more information, please contact your school office or Kevin Kronfeld, Director of Categorical Programs at (310) 695-4000 or [email protected]