Lennox School District

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Carlos A. Avalos
Director of Facilities

Phone # 310-695-4000 
Fax # 310-671-4256
Email: carlos_avalos@lennoxk12.org 

Jiset Figueroa
Facilities Technician
Phone # 310-695-4000 

Fax # 310-671-4256
Email: jiset_figueroa@lennoxk12.org 



Maintenance and Facilities provides a safe environment for students and a safe workplace for school employees, through inspection, maintenance and repair of District buildings and grounds. While working constantly to meet the needs of our students and staff, the department must also meet local, state and federal mandates.

Maintenance and Facilities serves all school sites, the District Office, and Warehouse.



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Current Projects

Buford Elementary - Sound Attenuation Project

Jefferson Elementary - Sound Attenuation Project

Moffett Elementary - Adding classrooms and ADA upgrades

Solar Project - Includes carports, shade structures at all school sites and the district office.

Measure Q - New classroom buildings