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Integrated Pest Management Plan

Healthy Schools Act 

The Healthy Schools Act of 2000 established right-to-know procedures for pesticide use in California public schools and mandated using least-toxic pest management methods as state policy.


The Healthy Schools Act (HSA 2000) requires that all public school districts must:

• Provide annual written notification to all school staff, parents and guardians listing all pesticide products (some products are exempt) expected to be applied by district staff or outside contractors in the upcoming year, and the Internet address to DPR's School IPM Program Web site (www. schoolipm.info ). 

• Provide the opportunity for interested staff and parents to register with the school district if they want to be notified of individual pesticide applications at the school before they occur.

• Post warning signs at each area of the school where pesticides will be applied, posted 24 hours in advance and until 72 hours after applications. 

• Maintain public records of all pesticide use at the school for 4 years. 

• Designate an IPM coordinator to carry out these requirements. 

This template meets the Healthy Schools Act requirement for an integrated pest management (IPM) plan.
An IPM plan is required if a school district uses pesticides.
Please read/download the PDF below for more information.
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