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Solar Project

The Lennox School District completed a 2.2 – megawatt (MW) solar generation project in December 2017, which will consist of solar carport structures and solar shade structures in the parking lots of our schools and within the fields and play areas of the school sites. The project will bring immediate and long-term cost savings to the district. The solar power system will provide clean electricity for use by the school sites during the day and reduce the need for expensive peak power consumption.

The project will be at Jefferson Elementary, Moffett Elementary, Huerta Elementary, Buford Elementary, Felton Elementary, and the Lennox Middle School.



About Swinerton Builders


Renewable Energy

Swinerton Renewable Energy offers turnkey utility-scale solar power solutions. With a photovoltaic project portfolio totaling over 1 GW and an additional 1 GW under construction, we proudly partner with major utilities across North America to generate reliable, clean power for many years to come. Our distinct cradle-to-cradle perspective helps eliminate waste, drives down costs, and enhances power production. 

In addition to our engineering, procuring, and construction capabilities, Swinerton provides full-service operations and maintenance for any North American solar facility, as well as real-time performance monitoring through SOLV®our proprietary SCADA platform. Armed with key insights into total system performance over time, we fine-tune each new design with pinpoint accuracy. 

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