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Program Leader Resources Center

P.S. Arts is dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for children and youth by providing arts education in systemically under-resourced schools and communities.
The P.S. in P.S. Arts stands for public schools. Dr. Paul Cummins founded P.S. Arts in 1991 with seed funding from musician and philanthropist, Herb Alpert. They recognized that a steady decline in funding since the late 1970s had produced massive resource inequities in California public schools, and arts programs were virtually nonexistent in the schools serving the highest numbers of youth affected by poverty and systemic racism.
Since 2001, Harmony Project has nurtured students - from kindergarten to college - to activate their communities through the power of music.
Harmony Project provides high quality music instruction and social support to children year- round at no cost. Through our network of world - class instructors, college success programming, an continuous opportunities for advancement, we motivate youth to achieve their greatest aspirations and cultivate the human potential of our communities Long Beach to Pasadena, Inglewood to Boyle Heights.
SoundTrap for Education empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels.


The Kid-grit collective is passionate about equipping educators and students with the tools needed for success. Our innovative, mindful approach builds confidence & character, resilience & social-emotional learning, self-care & wellness.
Kid-grit offers a whole world of holistic education tools - all evidence-based and proven. Developed with heart and soul by passionate educators for teachers and learners, kid-grit addresses the whole person mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically.
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BookNook is on a mission to ensure equitable access to rigorous and engaging instruction through technology innovation.
After building a national children's literacy nonprofit with a strong base of evidence, our founder launched BookNook out of the belief that only through technology can rigorous programs truly scale. After a small pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016, BookNook has quickly spread across hundreds of schools and after-school programs, throughout dozens of states.
Inspire Youth. Inspire Learning. Inspire Change.
BOOST Collaborative is a unique, purpose-driven organization committed to supporting those serving youth during the in and out-of-school time hours by providing quality professional development, opportunities for networking & partnerships, and leadership training. Together, we make a difference.
Thank You to the following organizations and individuals for their support to The Expanded Learning Program.