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Library of EdTech Resources

Library of EdTech Resources







Tech at Home

Bilingual Guides to solving Common Tech Access Issues at Home



How to Access the Clever website, which supports students and teachers for single sign-on




Zoom is a web-based conferencing tool used in distance learning



Instruction done from a remote location, often including online instruction



Use of software to capture video of screen images and/or webcams for instruction

QuickTime Screencast 

Google Meet

Google Web Conferencing application used in distance learning.

Digital Citizenship Lessons on Nearpod

How to access Digital Citizenship lessons on Nearpod.

Internet Safe Search Resources

Resources to promote student digital citizenship.


McGraw Hill / ConnectEd

Lennox Language Arts adoption featuring ConnectEd Website



Refresher Training on Using Nearpod for Dgital Citizenship

Lennox Apps Basics

Basic purpose and features of available Lennox apps. 


CA Technology Standards

California Technology Standards for K-8 and notes 


ISTE Standards

Internatiomal Society for Technology in Education’s standards 


Assistive Technologies

Professional Development on Assistive Technologies

Accelerated Reader

Take quizzes on and earn points in Accelerated Reader./

Raz-Kids on the Learning A-Z Website

Learn How to Set Up Learning A-Z, Raz-Kids Accounts


Google Backup and Sync

How to download and set up Google Backup and Sync

  • Additional videos available on Team Drive

Google Intro

Introduction to the Google Suite




Guidance on setting up Google Classroom


Screencast 1; Docs Basics

Use word processing tools and menus in Google Docs.


Screencast 2: Images in Docs

In this lesson, students learn to manipulate images in Google Docs.


Screencast 3: Slides Basics

Students learn to generate presentations in Google Slides 


Screencast 4: Research with Slides

Students learn to conduct research and take notes with Google Slides


Screencast 5: Google Sheets and Data

Google Sheets



Screencast 6: Screenshots on a PC

Capturing Screenshots on Lenovo Computers


Screencast 7: Google Drawings

Google Drawings



21st-century strategy for delivering digital content in an engaging manner.

Google Slides: Stop-Motion Animation

Creating stop motion animation projects using Google Slides.


Google Forms

Introduction to using Google Forms to create online surveys or quizzes.


Google Classroom Beginner’s Resources

Google Classroom assignment management 


Google Classroom Notification Settings

Control the number of email notifications that teachers receive



Using code.org website to access courses a-f, basic coding lessons.


Dash and Dot Coding 

Small robots that can be coded to move by coded  command.


Greenscreening Tutorial

Teaching students to use the DOINK app in iPads in order to do greenscreening projects.


How to Approve YouTube Videos

Resources demonstrate how to convert YouTube videos into video files on your desktop or G.Drive.

Read&Write Add-On 

Chrome add-on can read websites aloud to students



Engaging lesson interface for delivering lessons and collecting data.



Engaging lesson interface for delivering lessons and collecting data


PowerTeacher Pro

Report Card System for Lennox Teachers