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Education Technology

Education Technology
Teachers: Please see tabs on Digital Citizenship, SAMR model, Google Suite, coding, Lennox apps, and our library of Lennox screencasts for additional resources.
Educational Technology Available in Lennox 
Lennox has a strong commitment to supporting student achievement through technology:
  • 1-to-1 ratio of students to electronic devices
  • iPad carts in grades K-3
  • Laptop carts in grades 4-8
  • Computer labs at each Lennox school
  • Google accounts for each Lennox student
  • Adopted K-8 Technology Guide to Excellence
  • Student instruction driven by local and state data
  • Coding software accounts for each Lennox student
  • K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum featuring Nearpod
  • State-of-the-art engineering and dentistry labs throughout district
  • Science and social studies inquiry delivered via Google Classroom
  • Professional development in technology for all teachers and staff
  • Newly upgraded ethernet network districtwide
  • Site and District Technology Technicians
  • EdTech Specialist and District Technology Committee
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