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California School Dashboard

California has created a website designed to help communities access important information about school districts and schools. The California School Dashboard features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of school success, including test scores, chronic absenteeism and suspension rates. 

The Dashboard is a key part of California's commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. California's future success depends on tapping into the potential of all students, so they graduate ready for college, careers and life. For schools to reach this goal, teachers, parents and the community need clear and useful measures of progress. As an accountability tool, the Dashboard will help the state identify districts needing targeted assistance.

To view the CA Dashboard, please go to https://www.caschooldashboard.org
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state law has suspended the reporting of state indicators on the 2021 Dashboard. However, available data that would have been included in the Dashboard are reported on the Department's web site if they were determined to be valid and reliable. Information regarding the reporting status of data is available at COVID-19 and Data Reporting and the COVID-19 Accountability FAQs.

In an effort to ensure student growth and intervention, the Lennox School District has continued to implement local assessments and has resumed state testing this year in which we will expect the state to publish in the Fall of 2022.

The district has continued to monitor and report our local indicators to the state, and we are proud to announce that we have met all of our Local Indicators.

Lennox School District continues to refine and align our curricular, instructional, and assessment practices in our ongoing efforts to support all students. We are committed to strengthening our efforts to facilitate the success of ALL students. The California School Dashboard assists us in charting this mission. 

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