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The Lennox School District has a history of amazing programs academically as well as in the arts. Our district is located in a 1.3 square mile unincorporated area of Lennox, which is directly east of the Los Angeles International Airport. It serves approximately 5,000 students. Each elementary school offers a school readiness and preschool program. Lennox Enrichment After-School Program (LEAP) is also offered at all of our school sites. We have five elementary schools and one middle school. Our staff is hardworking, dedicated and passionate with a vested interest in providing the best education possible to our students.

As we work towards implementing the Common Core State Standards and 21st century learning, technology plays an essential role in supporting classroom instruction. As a district we are committed to providing our teachers and students with the tools that will help develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, creativity and collaboration.

Parent involvement is evident in all of our schools. In addition to supporting learning at home, parents volunteer hundreds of hours at our schools. Lennox School District encourages parental involvement at all levels and on each school campus. Each school has a parent center that can assist parents in finding ways to become more involved in their child’s education.

Lennox is a proud District and community with students on the flight path to success!


Mr. Kent Taylor