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The Lennox School District believes in a robust educational program that engages the mind, heart, and culture of our students and the world around them. To ensure our students will become leaders in society today and in the future, we are dedicated to providing all Lennox kids with opportunities that go beyond the core education. It is for these reason and the overall vision of our district that we provide Mandarin education to our students. Many of our students are already bilingual, but the advantages of becoming trilingual and being able to communicate in three of the most common languages spoken around the world will give our students an additional edge they need to flourish in their education and careers.
The Lennox School District proudly partners with Ni Hao Chinese to teach Mandarin through native Mandarin teachers using Mandarin text books, technology and experiential learning. Students learn the language and culture by interacting in meaningful ways through stories, writing, reading, and speaking the language in an immersion setting. Ni Hao Chinese is provided free of charge to our students.
Below are the classes being offered during the 2018-2019 school year. 
School Grade Program
Felton Kindergarten Regular school day
Felton 1st and 2nd After school in LEAP
Buford K through 3rd After school in LEAP
Huerta K through 3rd After school in LEAP
Jefferson K through 3rd After school in LEAP
Moffett K through 3rd After school in LEAP
For further information, please contact Kevin Kronfeld at kevin_kronfeld@lennoxk12.org or call 310-695-4000
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