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School of Dentistry

We all dream of giving our children the best opportunities in life, butHow do we inspire this in our children? When do we start?
In the Lennox School District, we believe in preparing our students as early as possible. Waiting until college, high school, or even middle school may be too late to get our students excited about opportunities they can have for their future.
Did you know that dentists earn an average salary of $150,000/year.
Our program is designed to develop skills beneficial for professionals in all medical fields such as critical thinking, decision making, listening and speaking skills. All of our students will benefit from learning about oral health and increase access to rigorous science curriculum. What makes the Lennox School District School of Dentistry extraordinary is that we have a licensed Dentist and dental assistant teaching our students dentistry in elementary school
Our current programs are taking place at the following schools:
  • Dolores Huerta Elementary School
  • Jefferson ElementarySchool
  • Moffett Elementary School
If you want your child to have the opportunity to learn dentistry in elementary school from licensed professionals, enroll your child in the only school district in the nation that provides this opportunity: The Lennox School District.
for more information, use this link to access our School of Dentistry Interest Form, or contact the Lennox School District Instructional Services Department at (310) 695-4000.
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