Farm Sites

Kids' Farm

See all kinds of animal pictures at Kids' Farm!

The Farm Animals

An interactive book! Really cute!

CBeebies Visit a Farm

All About Farm Animals

Green Meadows

Farm Animals Label-Me! Print-out:

2nd to 3rd grade and up reading level.

4-H Virtual Farms

Visit different kinds of farms: horse farms, wheat farms, dairy farms and more.

Barnyard Palace

Click on an animal name to see how they are raised on the farm, what they eat, and facts.

What Grows on a farm?

Farm Equipment

CyberSpaceAg Farm,57

A complete resource for older kids and teachers (gr 3 and up)

For Teachers...

Songs about the Farm

Fun Facts about the Farm

Farm Coloring Pages
First set:

There is also a Spanish Coloring Book here.

Second set:

Word searches, Find the foods, etc.

Graphics from:

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